Movement during pregnancy is a must. Imagine turning up for a marathon without any preparation. With our exclusive antenatal fitness programme you will be supported through pregnancy birth and beyond. Included in the programme will be taught plenty of easy exercises you can do at home for the duration of your pregnancy to keep your body in peak condition for the labour ahead. We will also support you with information of postnatal exercises that will benefit you in the 4th trimester. Looking after your overall health and wellbeing at this time of life is extremely important in your physical and mental health.

We understand the effects pregnancy and labour has on the body and know that everyone is different. Our unique plans will be tailored to you and your needs that’s what makes this programme so special. Lulu Adams our pre and postnatal fitness expert will be on hand to answer your questions and offer you advise throughout your stay.

‘Exercise during pregnancy has so many benefits for both baby and for you: it can help your body cope better with the changes that take place in your body, prepare you for the physical demands of labour, improve your sleep AND, getting a healthy dose of endorphins (the happy hormones released during exercise) can help boost your overall mood and energy levels – because being pregnant is exhausting! 

I’m super excited to be joining the Bump and Mind team, and bringing some of my pregnancy workouts to this year’s retreats. While I love helping mums to feel empowered in their bodies, I’m also pretty passionate about ensuring all their workouts are safe and appropriate for their bodies, as each and every one of us (and each pregnancy) is so different.’ – Lulu Adams

We haven’t forgotten about the Birth Partners who will be invited to join in the high intensity workout of the day.


Pregnancy yoga classes will be held each morning to help guests start the day enlightened and energised. Partner work is utilised and so important for mother and partners bonding time with each other and baby. These classes will incorporate yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques which will aim to enhance mobility, ease aches and pains, and develop physical and mental strength in preparation for labour and beyond. The wonderful Emma Spencer-Goodier is committed to providing the highest standard of yoga instruction, with classes to suit everyone on the Isle of Wight and yoga intensives worldwide.

Originally, a professional yachtswoman, Emma settled on the Isle of Wight with her family. Teaching since 2000, she is a senior yoga teacher with the national body of the Yoga Alliance Professionals UK. She is committed to providing the highest standards of yoga instruction and she remains ever the avid student herself. Her teaching reflects her own journey of yoga, the spiritual balance of Sivananda, the clarity of Iyengar, the flow of the Ashtanga method. This has evolved into a slow flowing, healing exploration of the hatha yoga path, providing the sound foundations for pranayama and meditation. Her long history of teaching, first in sailing and then in yoga means that Emma aims to guide and support students in their personal growth through yoga. ‘

We encourage you to take advantage if the glorious space around you. Our venue has a 15 acre, glorious garden enjoys a very special microclimate.

We haven’t forgotten about the birth partners who will be invited to join our high intensity work out of the day.