The majority of your stay will be dedicated to the renowned KGH programme. The 10 hour course is designed to prepare both mother, partner and baby for labour and the 4th trimester utilising visualisation and relaxation techniques. This course is all about taking the fear out of birth. Teaching you to allow your body to do what it is designed to do. Using elements of hypnotherapy and giving you the knowledge of what’s actually happening within your body during the birthing process. You will then be able to stop your conscious mind from ‘getting in the way’ of nature. Hypnobirthing certainly provides a more comfortable, calm and in control birth.

You will be provided with The Hypnobirthing Book by Katherine Graves, course folder including all scripts with direction to help you continue your practice at home and supporting MP3’s. The course is taught by our Founder and Hypnobirthing Teacher, a self confessed birth geek – Tahnee Knowles DipHb(KGH).


Daily relaxation with focus on positive affirmations will help to promote mindfulness and a general sense of well-being. You will be treated to a complimentary pregnancy massage to release any aches and pains or tension you may be carrying. Birth partners can also take advantage of a complimentary full body massage to fully relax and recharge. We have therapists on hand to provide a number of different treatments. All of which can be pre booked for guests to enjoy in moments of free time.

There will also be an optional Gong bath on the Saturday night. Sound therapy stimulates body, mind and chakras in ways that can’t be reached by hand or acupuncture needle.  The frequency of the sound penetrates your body’s water and bone, to release blockages on a fundamental level.  More than a mere escape from the city, this therapy dissolves worry, tension and fear.  It leads to emotional release. It’s a balancing therapy, bonding mother and child at their cores.