Being a pregnant woman puts you in a marketing minefield. With so many apps wanting to sell you their product and claiming it to be the best on the market how can you know which are worth downloading or even investing in?

We’ve done a round up of our favourite pregnancy related App’s and so you don’t have to go scrolling mindlessly through the App store.

For the Mindful Mum to be

Expectful is structured around a series of guided meditations that are available in 5, 10, and 20-minute formats. You can also find short stories to help you sleep at night (definitely needed during pregnancy).

Each guided meditation focuses on a different moment or milestone in your reproductive journey, and is designed to help you through your unique challenges.

A study of a group of people who attended a four-day mindfulness meditation training found that they were able to decrease the intensity of painful stimulus by 40 percent. Researchers have also discovered that meditators have significantly lower pain sensitivity. Pain reduction can help you have an easier pregnancy, delivery, and recovery, no matter what your birth plan looks like.

You can start expectful with a free trail and then a paid service followig the trial. One of the things I love most about expectful is their passion to spread the benefits of mindfulness meditation to anyone no matter your background.

They believe every family deserves access to meditation, regardless of personal circumstances. They offer free annual memberships through our Helping Hands program to any parent who may not have the financial means to afford the subscription but is interested in trying Expectful. Learn more or apply here for a Helping Hands membership.

For the Fact Based Mum to be

Pregnancy + – This app is perfect for those who want to know about each pregnancy milestone. It tracks your trimesters telling you want you ca expect from your body and what baby is up to. You can use the app to schedule all your future appointments, find discount codes and also choose baby names by popularity from all over the world.

The pregnancy tracker app can be personalised so your partner, the future grandparents and your best friend can join in on the fun. With this app, they’ll be able to follow your baby’s development in the womb. You can also make an avatar of your own baby and see a rotating 360 degree image that is interactive by touch. 

For the Social Mum to be

Peanut helps you find your perfect Mum mates. If you’re looking for the tinder of the Mum wold then look no further, Peanut has your back. They show you women in your area with similar-aged children and create matches based on shared interests. You can chat, arrange meet-ups and share experiences based on meaningful topics.

Michelle Kennedy is the CEO and Co-Founder behind Peanut. The idea was born when Michelle struggled to meet like-minded mamas when she first had her baby, Finlay. After finding herself trawling blogs for advice in the early hours while her friends were out clubbing, Michelle decided to create a product that would make life as a mama, a little less lonely.

For Michelle, Peanut is more than an app to connect mothers. It’s about recognising a pain point that millions of women encounter and finding a solution. Motherhood can be challenging, and Michelle’s focus is to reduce these feelings and empower women to unite, all over the world.

They also have a fabulous shop with merchandise and tongue in cheek graphic Tee’s.

For the Service Seeking Mum to be

Mamma is a newly launched app and provides you with an app based directory and booking system of absolutely every service you 

think you could possibly need in fertility, pregnancy and motherhood. You choose which stage of motherhood you are in and it provides you with a break down of all services available to you in your area. From hypnobirthing to reflexology Mamma has a licensed and vettedservice provider for you.

When Mamma’s Co-Founder, Grace, got pregnant in early 2018, she quickly noticed how little access to support services new Mammas have in London. Together with her best friend and Co-Founder, Pegah, they set out to research just how many services are easily available to over 128,000 new mothers in the city alone ever year. They were surprised to find a plethora of high-quality, dedicated service providers to prospective mothers, mothers-to-be, and new mums.
Grace and Pegah made it their personal goal and mission to create an innovative new app which could make all of these service providers readily accessible and available to all new Mammas.
The creation of Mamma as a standalone, reliable point of access to the best and most useful motherhood partner is the result of all their work.

And, it comes with the seal of approval from Mamma’s Chief Product Officer, and Grace’s toddler, baby Olivia!

What are your favourite Apps for pregnancy and we will add to the list?

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